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Unlimited Technology, For Kids

Foster kids a bright future with AI and Data Science.

AI and Data Science are revolutionizing our future. Yet, their slow integration into education may leave children behind in this tech-driven world. Bridging this gap is essential, ensuring our young generation is prepared for an AI-driven future.. 

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AI english reading check
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AI daily reading support

Capture an image of the page your children are reading, and the AI will analyze the content. It will then generate questions focusing on the key points to encourage a deeper understanding.

  • Reading comprehension,

  • Age-appropriate word search

  • Daily review

  • Learning analysis

  • Kids' Reading community

How it Support Kids

Meet our all-in-one solution for kids daily reading

Reading comprehension, Age-appropriate word search, Daily review, Learning analysis, Kids' Reading community

  • open-book
  • book
  • file
  • family-member
  • analysis


Home-School learning connection

We are collaborating with local schools to facilitate the transfer of home learning data to teachers. This initiative allows educators to stay informed about their students' at-home learning progress, enabling them to tailor teaching methods more effectively and holistically.

With AI suggestions, teachers can now focus on specific areas for each child based on identified weak points. This ensures individualized attention and support, facilitating tailored improvement strategies for each student's unique learning journey.

No fees for school/teacher accounts unlimited accounts available.

Efficiently oversee and manage the educational data of all students within our AI Kids School Portal.

Synchronize students' learning data seamlessly from the student app to the teacher portal.


AI Kids App (student) 


Teacher Portal

Digitally transfer the students' daily reading records from paper to an app. Both parents and school teachers can add/edit the reading records.


Our AI will analyze the reading record, including the book read, reading time, and reading progress, to provide AI-driven advice to parents and teachers.

Business Inquire & Collaboration

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