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AI Daily Reading Support
AI English Reding Check
AI reading Comprehension check

Capture an image of the page your children are reading, and the AI will analyze the content. It will then generate questions focusing on the key points to encourage a deeper understanding.

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AI Playful Word Search

AI can explain new words in a delightful, age-appropriate way.


For example, it can illustrate the meaning of a new word by narrating a story, or in the tone of 'Twinkle twinkle little Start'

AI new word search, age appropriate word search
AI Playful word search
Review & Manage what you have learned
Manage what you have learned by Data Science
Having a daily review of what you have learned

Boost your memory by reviewing the new words you've researched daily and visualize your learning data for a more thorough understanding.

Connect and Discover

Find out what other kids are reading, fostering a sense of community among young readers.

AI can assist you in discovering the titles of books that other children are reading.

Learning competition
Explore what is other same age kids reading
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